Stop Giving Your Customers a Reason Not to Hire You.

In my business, I wear a lot of hats. My clients need a lot from me, so I deliver. I’m a writer, an editor, a consultant, a manager, and a designer among many other things. While I’m always striving to get better at each of those roles, some play better to my strengths than others. Continue reading “Stop Giving Your Customers a Reason Not to Hire You.”

Does Your Construction Business’s Marketing Suck?

You’re shooting yourself in the foot if you’re a construction business owner that doesn’t take marketing seriously. As the heart of your company, you have to wear a few hats, so get fitted for your “marketing” cap..

Why Customer Success Stories are the Secret Ingredient to a Small Contractor’s Success

Regardless of the size of the crew or the work you do, if you show up when you’re supposed to, communicate with the property owner, and complete the job in the time frame allowed, you’ll win a customer for life.

More importantly, you’ll win a lead-generating spokesperson, if you leverage them correctly

Does Professionalism Actually Matter in the Construction Industry?

I watched an alarming video on YouTube recently. An owner of a construction company was proudly showing off his employees’ work. And excellent work, it was. Dead straight lines and a clean job site. Awe-inspiring stuff.

I’d never hire him on one of my job sites or to work at my home.

How can I say that, you ask? If the work was spot-on and the job site was immaculate, what could be the issue?

His lack of professionalism. Let me explain.