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My Story

Meet Tom Scalisi

I’m Tom Scalisi, and I’m the owner of RiddaBugs, but most importantly, I’m a husband and father. This is my team: My wife Kayla, Addie (our youngest), Natalie (our oldest), Tommy, and Audrey. They are why I am who I am today: a successful author, in-demand content writer, and internet entrepreneur.

My story is a wild one. Always one to go against the grain, I found myself in the trades when my friends were in college. I took night classes while learning to drive nails, frame walls, cut trim, and fix cars—among many other jobs.

It was during these college years that I realized that I really was good at writing. I could tell a story, drive home a point, or convince a reader of whatever I needed to just by using my words.

However, I didn’t jump into writing right away. While still running a contracting business, I decided to become a city police officer. I worked for several years in a busy department and earned the opportunity to become an FBI-certified hostage negotiator. It was another way that my words could impact people, and they did. But the job affected me, and I had to leave.

It was at that point that I decided to take all of my years as a contractor, builder, fixer, DIYer, and tool amasser and put it to good use. I began writing blog posts for some of the construction and home improvement industries’ most popular websites, and I haven’t looked back since.

In my own time (which is exceedingly rare these days), I enjoy spending time with my family and our three dogs, as well as coaching youth baseball and softball.

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