Stop Giving Your Customers a Reason Not to Hire You.

In my business, I wear a lot of hats. My clients need a lot from me, so I deliver. I’m a writer, an editor, a consultant, a manager, and a designer among many other things. While I’m always striving to get better at each of those roles, some play better to my strengths than others. 

One of the hats that I wear well is HR Manager. I hire people. There’s something most of my clients don’t know this about me. I’m an FBI-Certified Crisis Negotiator (I promise, I can show you the certificate). I get a feel for people, I relate to them, I start to understand them. There were even a few times where my life depended on it.

Relax. I interview and hire writers now, so it’s a little less dire. I read their profile, I check out their portfolio, and I review their test pieces. I’m rarely neutral on a person. I’m either impressed or on to the next submission. It’s because I look for a reason not to hire someone.

Potential customers do the same.

Your customers want to hire you.

Your customers WANT to pay you.

When a potential customer checks into you as a business owner and company, they want to hire you. They want to be sold. Seriously, don’t you think that they have better things to do than check out a tile guy on a Saturday afternoon? It’s because they have a problem and they’re looking for a solution.

You want customers to prequalify themselves. By the time they contact you, you want them already sold that you’re the contractor they need. That way, when you tell them your rates, they’re excited and happy to work with a professional. 

That’s your ideal client. Stop scaring them away and giving them reasons not to hire you.

Stop giving your customers reasons not to hire you.

Is this how you drive your work truck?

Unless you’re the absolute best at what you do, you need an edge. When things are apples-to-apples, the smallest thing can sway your customer’s opinion.

This is when it matters. This is where your marketing rubber hits the road.

Why would you give them a reason not to hire you? Why would you maintain an unprofessional website? Why post politically-charged blog posts that alienate half of your potential customers? Why would you act like a child on your social media accounts? Why drive like a maniac in a truck with your company’s name emblazoned from headlight to tail light?

Seriously! Why are you giving people the reason they need to move onto the next guy who does drop ceilings, drywall repair, or kitchen renovations? This is your BUSINESS. You need to act like everything you do matters. Because it does.

“The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.”

This the type of first impression you should be looking for.

I don’t like cliches, unless it’s good marketing and then I’m all over them. But everyone is familiar with this saying. And that includes your potential clients.

If your construction marketing content is terrible, they’ll think you’re terrible. If you misspell words, don’t use proper punctuation, or provide just blah content, you’re in trouble.  Your customers will get a particular impression of you. And it’s that impression that tells them to move on to the next guy who didn’t spell “veranda” with three A’s. 

You could be one of the world’s best contractors, but you’re not going to get the job if you give your customer a reason not to hire you.

Contact SCC for Your Construction Marketing Content

I’ve spent years in the trades. I know your customers, and I know contractors. Reach out to me. I’ll get rid of the reasons not to hire you within your website and social media content. 

When it’s apples-to-apples, you need the edge. I’ll create an excellent first impression that will make the difference.

Most importantly, stop giving your customers a reason not to hire you.

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